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Provincial Jamboree 2020!

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

We kind of announced this at our Antique Sled show, but I guess I should make it also official on here. Our group has won the bid to take on the Provincial Jamboree 2020! This is a pretty important one for us since it is the 50th anniversary of the ASA and also OUR club's 50th anniversary! Pretty great for us to get this jamboree!

Now...we get to plan. We have started to loosely plan since the beginning of June and had a few meetings since. We put out our feelers and got some great ideas for the jamboree, but now we are going to put the throttle to the bar and get it coming together!

So, what do I know so far? (Just remember details are not concrete as of yet.)

Well first, save the date for February 20, 2020!!!

We have two plans:

Plan A: The Snow Plan. We will have a poker rally and it will leave Stettler from the Agiplex and take the riders down to Big Valley, which is about a 20min vehicle ride straight south on Hwy 56. Once at Big Valley, you get to rest your sleds there and take the Alberta

Prairie Railways' train back to Stettler! This plan was executed back in, I believe, 1997, where it was received quite well! After we will have the banquet at the Agriplex, a catered supper, a bar, and entertainment! Prizes will be awarded during this time as well! Sunday we will have a breakfast before everyone makes their merry trails home.

Plan B: No Snow Plan. The only thing that changes above is the poker rally. We will still have one, but we will ride the rain to Big Valley, get some hands there at specific spots at the town, and ride the train back. After, it is all the same!

So lets all do our snow dances for next February!!

Keep your eye peeled to our Facebook page since it is the first to be updated.

We are stoked to be doing this, and we know we will pour our hearts into the event. If you would like to help out, please email us or shoot us a Facebook message! We would appreciate the extra hands!

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