Welcome to the Tail Creek Snowbirds. Established in 1971.  The same year the ASA (Alberta Snowmobile Association) was established. Our current membership is around 100 and climbing (Snow on the ground helps tremendously). We have three warm up shacks in our riding area. The first is a Tee Pee style building on a hill.  The second is a cabin located along the Tail Creek.  The newest shack is north-east of Erskine in a little hole surrounded my treed.  We call this one the Crater shack because the hole reminds us of a meteor crater. With the help of fellow snowmobilers, land owners, and surrounding communities, we are aiming to provide a safe enjoyable sport for all ages.
Check out our Snowbirds Trail page in the home button drop down menu for our trail map download and information about how to use it. Check at the start of each season and periodically throughout to be sure you have the latest map version.

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